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Welcome to our arts & crafts community, where creativity meets friendship. Our meetups and classes are designed to be accessible and enjoyable for everyone, especially beginners. Check out our upcoming sessions, read about our passionate instructors, and reach out to us to learn more. We can't wait to see what you create!

Create! TRY. Learn?

Make something.

Are you looking for a new hobby or just want to try something fun and creative? As an experienced artist and crafter, I have a lot of knowledge and projects to share with you. Whether you're interested in painting, crochet, jewelry making, drawing, pottery, cross stitch, or watercolors, I'm here to help you learn and have fun. Let's explore your creative side together!

Sharing skills

At CreateTryLearn, we're all about helping you get creative and try out new crafts. Our community is super passionate about sharing their knowledge and experience with you. Check out our website to learn more about us!

Mini Classes

Looking to try something new and unleash your creativity? Look no further than CreateTryLearn! Our instructors provide mini classes and all the tools and supplies you need to get started. With no pressure and plenty of guidance, you can explore new interests and discover your creative side. Check out our schedule and start your journey today!


Do you need creative energy and a space to start? CreateTryLearn is the ultimate destination for you! With our unstructured and open meetups, you'll have access to new tools and people to help you get started. Come and join us today to find your spark and ignite your passion!

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